Crankshaft Machining

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Crankshaft re-machining is an art that we take very seriously. GTS employ two machines of different size to take care of this important task. Our Berco RTM is used for the small automotive cranks where our AMC K2000 is used predominantly for Diesel Crank re-grinding. All crankshafts under-go several checks after acid bathing has taken place. We then carry out crack detection in our Lectromax machine. This enables us to locate any crack/s that are not visible to the human eye. Crankshafts are then checked for straightness & hardness and of course measured. Crankshaft polishing is the preferred repair given to many crankshaft that does not need re-grinding. This enables us to improve the journal surface finish and also achieve the correct final size of each journal as a very cost effective option.

  • Complete crack test & inspection
  • Crankshaft re-grinding
  • Crankshaft polishing
  • Hardness Testing & Straightness Testing
  • Seal surface repair
  • Surface finish Measurement
  • Straightening

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