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Most passenger cars & many light commercial vehicles use petrol & LPG gas as fuel. These engines if looked after & serviced properly will last the life of the vehicle itself. However problems often arise with these engines when servicing is neglected. We mainly see these engines when engine oil has not been changed regularly. As a result we see oil failure which can include seizure. Seizure problems can be the worst type of failure as the damage is wide spread. 90% of these engines are repairable to “as-new” condition.

Unleaded & LPG engines are similar in design other than a few basic upgraded parts. LPG as a fuel is dry & tends to wear the upper engine components. We change these parts during overhaul and use specialized high grade components that withstand LPG. It is a low cost conversion that allows trouble free motoring for many years, however without the modification the engine will not last.

Late model engines require very close attention to detail during overhaul. We use specialized techniques & equipment to re-machine all parts of these engines so that we can give exacting results that exceed the manufacturer original quality of workmanship. Better still we measure our surface finishes to ensure we are on specification – this is a perfect way to keep ourselves calibrated to the highest standard.

We custom build each engine by hand making sure each part is carefully inspected prior to installation. A combination of accurate machine work, extensive cleaning, quality parts & a wealth of technical expertise from our amazing staff are the reasons GTS are the “go-to” company for any type of engine overhaul.

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