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As engine enthusiasts we are constantly engaged in high performance engine rebuilds. It is natural thing for us to be infatuated with hybridized engine projects so performance work is done with passion & pride. Often our clients require a machine work package that they will assemble themselves. But we also offer the assembly work as an extra service for customers without the technical knowledge, tooling or time.

We are also able to proof test cylinder blocks for customers who wish to import special pistons from the USA. This service includes acid bathing, crack testing & proof reboring of the block to ensure that it is correct in specification prior to a piston set purchase from overseas.

With high performance engines we take the time to interview the customer & discuss the outcome they are expecting plus the budget they are willing to spend to get there. The detail involved with racing engines is different than normal engines & therefore a lot more time is expended. GTS offer complete high performance work including:

  • Stroker engine building
  • Stroker clearancing
  • Rottler CNC engine machining
  • Crack testing
  • 4 Bolt Main cap machining
  • Line boring & Align honing
  • Torque plate honing
  • Blue printing
  • Compression measurement, calculation & adjustment
  • Cylinder block deck height truing
  • Cylinder head performance upgrades & rebuilds
  • Roller Rocker installation
  • Roller camshaft bearing installation
  • Harley Davidson performance machine work
  • Engine assembly

Please give us a call to discuss your requirements – we have an extensive range of service options from machine work packages to complete engine development.

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