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Diesel engines range from simple low-tech engine design to outrageously complex high pressure common rail emission sensitive computer driven beasts. With increased emphasis on lowering emissions manufacturers have been forced to implement drastic measures to “clean-up” their engines. This has resulted in vast amounts of complex expensive equipment attached to the outside of the engine to limit the amount of carbon it emits into the atmosphere via the exhaust.

One thing they all have in common is failure, and engine failure comes in many forms & happens for many reasons. Reasons can include human error or neglect, contamination, high hours or mileage, environmental damage, water damage, over heating & vandalism.

GTS offer “ENTIRE” engine overhauls for all Diesel engines including industrial, highway, agricultural, light vehicle & marine. We have the expertise & equipment to remanufacture all kinds of diesel engines including CAT, Cummins, Komatsu, Scania, Volvo, Perkins, Mercedes, John Deere, Deutz to name a few. Plus the light vehicle sector which includes engines from Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Hino, GM, Ford.

We provide failure analysis to our clients pin-pointing the reason/s behind engine failure & a prevention plan to avoid future problems. We also offer insurance work to clients seeking a claim with their insurer for an engine failure. We are able to generate full engine failure reports with photographic evidence & failure analysis. Plus liaise directly with your insurer to get the best outcome for you, on your behalf.

All services provided are carried out under the one roof ensuring timely & cost effective repair. We are able to dismantle, inspect & quote most engines within a two day period. We carry out ALL repairs including:

  • Fuel Injection Pump
  • Diesel Fuel Injectors
  • Turbo Charger repair & replacement
  • Oil Cooler, Inter Cooler, After Cooler
  • Manifold Repair
  • Flywheel & Flywheel housing Repair
  • Water Pump repair & replacement

These are all components that attach to a typical diesel engine & they are all affected to some degree by an engine failure. Or they may even be the cause of an engine failure. The importance of these parts is indescribable so it is essential that qualified specialists inspect & repair these components properly then make the appropriate repairs as required.

We are committed to ensuring that an engine overhaul is the most cost effective option. We are one of the only engine overhaul companies in W.A that can offer an entire engine overhaul under one roof which includes fuel injection & turbo charger repair.

  • This saves you $$$
  • Limits the time taken to fix an engine
  • Increases quality control
  • Gives uncomplicated warranty

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