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The popularity is growing for heavy duty race proven engine rebuild kits for the common 4WD market. So far we have seen amazing horse power gains from Nissan Patrol TD42T engines & the Toyota 1HZ engine. Upgraded components now are available in an engine rebuild kit.

Parts include:

  • Ceramic coated Heavy duty Pistons with moly coated skirts
  • Pistons with thicker crown castings for higher boost pressures & thermal load
  • Heavy duty sleeves
  • Billet forged crankshafts
  • Heavy duty con rods
  • Modified cylinder heads with free flowing port designs
  • Modified camshafts
  • Safari & DTS turbo kits
  • Manta performance exhaust systems

These parts are being tested in 4WD off-road rally conditions & are proving extremely robust. Theses components are street legal upgrades for Patrol & Land cruiser. The idea behind these components is to retain reliability but boost performance, power & torque.

GTS can transform your prized Nissan Patrol or Toyota Land cruiser with the original 4.2L diesel engine in to a very responsive powerhouse without altering the vehicles original design structure. However it is important to use a quality radiator. We choose heavy duty alloy radiators for the task as they are able to disburse the heat quickly especially when an engine is turbo charged.

Give us a call to discuss performance rebuild options for your Nissan Patrol or Toyota Land cruiser or email us direct on:

There are future plans for upgrade components for the Land cruiser 1VD-FTV engine. More on this in the near future.

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