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Cylinder head kits consist of a New or Reman head, Top end gasket set, Head gasket & Head bolts. These are available for many makes & models particularly 4WD diesel. On average 8 – 10 heads fail to every engine so GTS have developed a package that provides the customer exactly what they need to replace the failed head.

In addition to this kit we can also provide:

  • Injectors
  • Injector installation kits
  • Sensors
  • Glow Plugs
  • Manifolds – re-machined

It is advisable to test injectors & glow plugs particularly on overheated engines. We have the facilities to do this for you if you require. Exhaust manifolds often become warped through excessive heat. If not re-machined they may not seal when re-fitted to a cylinder head, or they may break the studs that join it to the cylinder head. This means removal in the vehicle which is no fun plus the purchase of new gaskets & probably the extraction of broken studs while under the bonnet. Re-machining an exhaust manifold is an extremely sensible idea considering the possible outcomes of leaving it warped.

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