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Diesel engines rely on injectors to accurately deliver a prescribed amount of fuel at exactly the right time. Delivery of fuel by the injector must have a uniquely defined injection spray pattern. The pressure at which the injector spray's fuel must be calibrated to the tightest tolerance. If any of these factors are wrong a diesel engine will not function correctly. The possibility of engine failure is increased.

Failures include:

  • Piston seizure
  • Holes in pistons
  • Detonation issues
  • Bore wear & ring wear
  • Excessive smoke
  • Poor fuel consumption
  • Poor performance
  • Hard starting

Injectors have a limited life span & we recommend replacing injectors every 100,000km or before to avoid engine damage & the other issues listed above. The life of the engine should far out-last the injectors so it is normal to replace injectors regularly to keep your engine healthy.

GTS stock a wide range of reman & new injectors for most 4WD & commercial vehicles. These injectors are sold with installation kits including the correct washers & seals required to do the job. If we don’t have what you need we can service your injectors quickly – usually the same day! We are able to ship injectors anywhere via Australia post air bag or with our own courier services.

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