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Diesel fuel pumps range in size, shape & design but represent the same basic function of delivering high pressure fuel to the injectors. Like a separate engine the fuel pump sits along side driven by belt, chain or gears in time with the host engine. The internals of a fuel pump are very complex with super tight tolerances that are extremely susceptible to contamination from water, diesel & engine oil. Diesel fuel recipes have been modified to become less harmful to the environment but pose increased wear issues to the internal running components of fuel pumps.

GTS stock a wide range of reman fuels pumps for common 4WD's that are ready to go.

We carry out major & minor repairs to all fuel pumps including:

  • Re-seals & servicing
  • Testing & Calibration
  • Basic overhaul
  • Major overhaul
  • Removal & Replacement

Our purpose built Fuel Injection room is part of our major engine overhaul workshop. The benefits of being able to remanufacture the entire engine under one roof including the fuel injection system, is an incredible bonus for our customers. We are able to control costs & cut back on costly down-time associated with sending fuel injection repairs to Perth. We are also able to quality control the entire job & offer complete warranty for the entire job. GTS is a very unique company for this particular reason.

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