Common Rail Injectors & Diesel fuel system diagnosis

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Late model 4WD & commercial vehicles all operate high pressure common rail fuel systems. This highly efficient fuel delivery system is an amazing advancement in technology from the original fuel injections system. Injectors have been created that can last the life time of an engine. These injectors are driven by a highly efficient pressure pump that compresses fuel into a heavy duty rail holding device. Injectors are rapidly opened & closed by separate solenoids & extremely high pressure fuel is injected into the combustion bowl of the engines pistons.

The benefits of a common rail fuel injection system are:

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Low emissions
  • High performance

However the issues with common rail fuel systems are that they require amazingly clean high quality diesel. Bio diesel, on-site diesel tanks, old fuel & slight contaminants like water can & will destroy a common rail fuel system. The accidental addition of petrol can be very damaging as well. Fall-out from a common rail injector failure can result in a sudden & catastrophic engine failure which could cost many thousands of dollars to repair.

We have the testing & diagnostic facilities plus the know-how to check your engines common rail fuel system & prevent serious engine damage.

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