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Cylinder head repair constitutes 40% of our total work output at any one time. We carry out minor & major cylinder head repairs & overhauls to basically all types of cylinder heads from 4WD's, heavy diesel engines, industrial engines, high performance engines including petrol engines & motor cycle/marine applications.

All cylinder heads under-go strict inspection & crack testing procedures prior to repair. This ensures a quality product free from defects that can be relied upon for a life time of service. GTS also offer a line of new cylinder heads for most makes & models. These quality cylinder heads are an affordable option when a customers head is not worth repair due to failing inspection & crack testing procedures.

In addition to cylinder head repairs we offer gaskets sets, head bolts, injectors, timing belt kits & a large range of parts associated with cylinder head replacement. Our Caterpillar cylinder head department has the machining & testing facilities to carry out all major repairs to the entire line of CAT engines including CAT 3400 series, CAT 3500 series, CAT C15, C16, C18, C27 & C32. These cylinder heads are extremely large & require purpose built equipment, lengthy training & a wealth of expert knowledge to repair correctly. We pride ourselves on our CAT remanufacturing service.

Please view our video links & images of our work in progress.

Exchange Cylinder Heads

  • Cylinder Head bunbury sm3New Cylinder Heads
  • Cylinder Head Overhaul & servicing
  • Magnetic Particle Crack detection
  • Pressure testing
  • Complete dismantle, inspection & crack test
  • Re-scrolling & Re-grooving
  • Injector tube replacement & testing
  • Valve seat replacement & re-machining
  • Valve refacing
  • Re-surfacing
  • Welding & Re-machining
  • Cylinder head straightening

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